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1. All teams must be USA Hockey registered.

2. All play will be governed by USA Hockey rules.

3. All players must have participated in at least ten (10) regular season games. If a player has not participated in ten (10) games prior to the tournament, the tournament committee will review and render specific judgments regarding team rosters.

4. All team players must sign in prior to playing their first game and each subsequent game. Any team with a player on the bench NOT signed in will receive an automatic bench minor penalty.

5. All players must have legal equipment. CHIN STRAPS are required at all levels. MOUTH GUARDS are required at Peewee levels and above. WYH encourages the use of neck guards at all levels.

6. All teams must be ready to play fifteen (15) minutes before scheduled game and a three (3) three minute warm-up time begins when the Zamboni leaves the ice. All teams must be on the ice when the Referee signals the start of the game or a delay of game penalty will be assessed.

7. Teams may consist of up to sixteen (16) players and two (2) goalkeepers.

8. Non-playing members are not allowed on the bench. Injured players wearing a HELMET may occupy the bench during the game.

9. No team may use a higher Tier player regardless of the level.  NO calls ups will be allowed until the team has less than two (10) players. 

10. No team may bring down upper level players. Example: If your team is Level C and you agree to skate in a level above your division, you must keep your team intact.

11. Head coaches must be USA Hockey patched. A maximum of four (4) coaches are allowed on the bench.

12. All games will consist of three (3) periods, each being twelve (12) minutes in length and following stop-time rules. There will be no time-outs allowed during the regular tournament games. One time-out will be allotted to each team in the finals.

13. MERCY RULE – If at the end of the second period of play a team is trailing by five (5) or more goals, running time will commence. If the deficit becomes three (3) goals during the third period, stop-time will resume.

14. STANDINGS - Two (2) points are awarded for a win, one (1) point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss in each team's three scheduled games.

15. FINALS - The two teams with the highest point totals in each four, five or six team division qualify for the finals. If two or more teams tie for the opportunity to enter the finals, the following tie-breaker system will be applied:







** A single tie-breaker must clearly break a tie between ALL tied teams. If any teams are still tied, ALL TIED TEAMS ADVANCE to the next tie-breaker.

  1. If the teams played head-to-head, the victorious team will advance. If the teams did not play, tied, or split a two

      game series, the teams move to step B.

  1. If one team in a three-way tie has beaten BOTH teams head-to-head (without losing to either team), that team shall advance. The tie between the remaining two teams shall then be determined beginning again with head-to-head. If there is no team that has beaten the other two, all three teams go to step C.
  2. The teams will be slotted according to the least goals allowed. If two or more teams have the same number of goals allowed, all teams go to step D.
  3. The teams will be slotted according to the highest goal differential. Total Goals Against will be subtracted from the Total Goals For to determine Goal Differential. If two or more teams have the same number for Goal Differential, all tied teams to go step E.
  4. The teams will be slotted according to the Total Number of Penalties they each incurred during the regular tournament games. If two or more teams have the same number of penalties, all tied teams go to step F.
  5. In the event that the teams are still tied at this point, the Tournament Director reserves the right to make the final decision on where teams place for the Championship Games.


16. TIES IN THE FINALS - If a final game is tied after regulation play, the following procedure will be used to break the tie:

All divisions:  Clock will be set for two (2) minutes stop-time and a four (4) on four (4) will be played, then three (3) on three (3), then two (2) on two (2) with the clock being set for two (2) minutes stop-time each time and face-off at center ice until one team scores. Coaches may only make line changes on the fly during the two (2) I minute overtime.

17. TROPHIES – First place team will be presented with trophies an the second place team will be presented with medallions immediately following the conclusion of each championship game

18.  PENALTIES:  ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING WILL BE ALLOWED OR TOLERATED ON OR OFF THE ICE. Referees are instructed to eject any player/s, coach/s or parent/s engaged in fighting. Any player incurring four (4) penalties in one game will not be allowed to play for the remainder of that game. If a player receives a game misconduct, the player will be ejected from the game in which the infraction occurred as well as the following game.

Any head coach whose team receives a total of 15 or more penalties in one game will be suspended for the following game. If a coach receives a game misconduct penalty, he will be ejected from the game in which the infraction occurred as well as the following game. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. WYHA reserves the right to review all cases involving major penalties, match penalties, game misconducts and gross misconducts. WYHA reserves the right to escalate punishments of any reviewed penalty. In the event that a misconduct penalty occurs in the player's last game, the Tournament Director will notify the team's respective league/s for further ruling. After the accumulation of 15 total penalties in one game, clock will run nonstop. * * Any penalties remaining at the end of regulation will be carried over into the subsequent overtime period.

Minor                          1.5 minutes (double minors are considered two penalties)

Major                           5.0 minutes

Misconduct:                6.0 minutes

Game Misconduct       Ejection and one game suspension

2nd Game Misconduct           Ejection from the tournament

19. All game officials will be in good standing with USA Hockey and the state of Massachusetts.

20. The MDC Rink Manager governs use of facility. Locker room keys will be obtained from the Rink Manager’s office. Any damage to the locker rooms will be duly noted and reparations will be the responsibility of the occupying team.